12,500 domestic or international transmission projects


Foreign typical projects

Belarusian nuclear power output lines and power networking projects

COMBINED EPC General Contract Project of 35kV Collecting Line of Binhai Phase Ⅲ Wind Power Project

Laos 230kV Thavieng-Lak Sao and 115kV Nam phay-Thongkoun 2 transmission line project

Supply, planning, design/ engineering, erection, testing & commissioning of OPGW cable by replacing existing earthwire (live line installation) on various 220&132kv lines

Malaysia East Malaysia Sarawak 550KV Transmission Project

Fibre optic cabling package for NER under establishment of fibre optic communication system for expansion project in NER

Angola Lauca400kV transmission line project


110KV Transmission Line of 500KV Song May substations-Under Project DEP

Power optical cable: OPGW/OPPC/ ADSS/OPLC        

First 35kV Shanxi Province power "Gujiao - Jiangwan transformer substation" large cross - section OPPC cable project in China

The world's first continuous large-span project: Zhoushan (Zhujiajian - Liuheng) 110KV transmission line OPGW project (1996m +1723 m)

"Shenzhou VI" launch base (Inner Mongolia Yagan - Ejina)

Yangtze River Three Gorges submerged communications rehabilitation project (Yangtze River big-span) 

Key projects of State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Company :

± 400kV Golmud Qinghai - Lhasa Tibet DC networking projec

500kV South Network Tiangui line capacity enhancement project

± 800kV Lingzhou - Shaoxing UHVDC transmission line project

The 1000kV Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC Test and Demonstration Project

Huai - Shanghai UHV AC Transmission Demonstration Project

1000KV South Zhejiang - Fuzhou UHV AC transmission line project

1000kV Ximeng - Shandong Exchange UHV Transmission Line Project





International advanced energy-saving capacity increased conductor:Fujian Electric Power 500kV Longyan - Sanming transmission lines,Hunan electric power 220kV Heling - Wuzhongyang double circuit line;

Key projects of China State Grid, China Southern Power Grid:

First anti-ice&snow wire: Dianling Line,Jilin Province, 220kV electric power line; Jinxi 1068 line, 110kV Electric Power Line in Zhejiang Province;

First ultra-anti-corrosion wire: Pingtan Longnan - Beixi, Fujian Electric Power 110kV transmission line;

China leading large section wire of 1000mm2: ± 600kV Ningdong - Shandong DC transmission line for State Grid DC transmission demonstration project;

International advanced energy-saving capacity expansion conductor: 110kV East Luo line of Guangdong power grid,  66kV North Gold Line of Chaoyang Liaoning;

Overhead power lines for the international market: 230kV transmission lines Cambodia State Grid


Aluminum Alloy Cable:        

Municipal engineering / public facilities 

Large enterprise / group

Building / Real Estate  

New energy


Equipment Cable:        

Composite Film Insulated Cable, Low loss cable, Phase-compensated Cable for many Key point type of national defense.

High-temperature cable used in supporting the Long March series of carrier rockets and Tiangong-1.



Optical fiber& Cable:


Optical fiber        

Top 3 operator of artery state: China Unicom, China Telecom, CMCC;

Beijing Public Security Network Communication Engineering

Key Project of China Central Television Launch

Beijing Network TV cable project

Shanghai International Convention Center Network Cable Project

China Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Communication Power Engineering Corporation (Dagang Petrochemical - Jinan - Zaozhuang oil pipeline project)

Submarine Optical fiber cable    

Military( First longest length of deep sea cable 100km used in China; repeaterless cable 360km; repeater cable 800km)

Operating maintenance of South sea cable& East sea Cable for military;

Emergency maintenance of telecom cable for East China Sea Fleet;

State Grid (  Zhujiajian Island-Dengbu island, Taohua island-Xiazhi island two sections of the complex, the bottom of the special submarine cable project)

China Unicom, Liaoning Branch (Pikou Dalian- Changhai submarine cable project)

Fujian Power Company, Xiamen Branch Submarine optical cable for the first channel expansion project

China Telecom Fuqing-Pingtan submarine project; Gulangyu- Songyu telecommunication project